Friday, August 5, 2016

Tanza Book 2 of The Astor Chronicles

"Tanza", Book 2 of my bridge fantasy series "The Astor Chronicles" is complete! The layout and ebook conversion is underway. The cover art has been done for about a decade, and I'm so glad to finally release it to the world.

If you enjoyed Book 1 "Talon" you're going to love Book 2, in which Talon and Sarlice enter the mystical realm of Tanza and become part of an epic war with the Zeikas. 

I rewrote the blurb for "Talon" yesterday when I wrote the blurb for "Tanza".


With a newly awakened icetiger for his companion, Talon is finally learning the magic of the Kriite people, including telepathy and shape-changing. After his home town Jaria is attacked by Zeikas he embarks on a mission to seek help.

Before Talon even understands the power within him, there are demon summoners after him. He is horrified to learn that the Zeika leader plans to use Talon’s body and mind to further his ambition for power. Bal Harar is on a god-given mission to enslave or kill all Kriites.

Talon represents both the greatest threat and the greatest opportunity to the Zeikas—his actions and faith will make all the difference between the two.

Talon is Amanda Greenslade's debut novel and is the first in a series of epic fantasy adventure novels for a new adult audience.


Sarlice and I came to Tanza to escape from the Zeikas, and we were not prepared for a country on the brink of war. Where should our loyalties lie—to our home towns, to Tanza or to each other?

The Zeikas have their fire magic, dragons and demons, but they lack the Kriite ability to communicate across vast distances using the waves. I know one thing—the skyearls will not give up Tanza without a fight.

Soon I will have a skyearl of my own, and the miracle of flight along with it. I was slow to come into my powers in Jaria, but I was wrong to think Krii had no purpose for my life. They have a new name for me here in Tanza: Astor Talon.

Tanza is the second in “The Astor Chronicles”, a series of epic fantasy adventure novels for a new adult audience.

Available in Print and as an Ebook September 2, 2016

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