Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Teaching Kids To Be Kind

Today I have decided that the motto for my brand Myra and the Magic Motorcycle is Teaching Kids To Be Kind. Each book carries a social theme. In the case of book one this is financial hardship (not poverty specifically). The idea is to let teachers and parents, who are reading these books with their kids, to be able to use them to open discussions about other people's needs, and being kind to others etc.

This photo of the horse and dog (source: has inspired me and it is especially powerful along with the quote "We can't help everyone but everyone can help someone". (Some people attribute this quote to Ronald Reagan).

The message here is that you can try not to be overwhelmed by the problems faced by human societies around the world, but focus on what you can do, no matter how seemingly small. Together we can all make a difference. We just need to strive to be kind to others. Each person will have their own definition of what this means, and each family and/or classroom reading my books can put whatever worldview or spin on it that they like.

The message I would like to send home is Teaching Kids To Be Kind.

Book One: The Business in Bermuda 

When an eight-year-old Australian girl, named Myra, finds a shining yellow motorcycle in the shed, she doesn’t expect it to actually work. It has strange buttons on the display and something like an eyebrow on the headlight. There is a key in the ignition!

Along with her pet bird, Diver, Myra finds herself on an exciting adventure across the other side of the Earth. The magic motorcycle takes her to new places and she is able to meet some people who really need her help.

Turn the key and rev the throttle. You’re about to go on the adventure of a lifetime with Myra and the Magic Motorcycle

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The ebook with audio book included will be released on August 20 on Apple iBookstore and Kobo. The Apple edition will also feature interactive sound effects buttons! Your children or students will really get engaged with the ebook on Apple, when they can press the buttons while you are reading it, or while the ebook is reading itself to them using the built-in media overlay. 

This audio narration of the story was done by Kelly Stroud and Caitlin Stroud and can be accessed from the top menu of your copy of Myra and the Magic Motorcycle in Apple iBooks. 

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