Sunday, October 25, 2015

At Sydney Olympic Park 17–18 October 2015

On 17-18 October, I attended the Book Expo Australia at Sydney Olympic Park. I arrived at the hall on Friday night, giving ample time to set up the Australian eBook Publisher area. This area comprised of five author tables (2x2 booths with a black back wall) and three four-tier bookshelves.

Over the course of the weekend there were thousands of attendees per day, which provided plenty of opportunities for authors to interact with the people taking interest in the books on offer.

The Book Shelf

The Attending Authors
Attending the event were the following authors:

Myself, Amanda Greenslade author of Myra and the Magic Motorcycle: The Business in Bermuda

Victoria Capper author of Opal Ridge

Doreen Slinkard author of For the Love of Patrick

Kevin and Flavia Coleman authors of Monkey Business

Arthur Bozikas author of Pivotal Velocity

Maria Pantalone author of Success Talks

Warren Shan author of Abandoned

Van Cam Quach author of The Dream That Comes True

Abrams & Elliott authors  of Inveiglement Invitation

All the authors met potential book buyers and some sold dozens of copies of their book, and gave away even more. They also had the opportunity to speak to the crowd about their work. The benefit of attending will also be felt in experience, connections made, and branding.

Small, independent publishers, authors and illustrators were represented at the expo, and some were there to receive pitches from authors, including some of our authors who would prefer to go the traditional route than remain a self-publisher.

I also gave away 10 copies of my book Myra and the Magic Motorcycle and 20 motorcycle toys with a free bookmark to the families with children under 10. I also enjoyed an audience of 15–20 people at each of my workshops on ebook publishing.

The place for book fairs and expos in Australia is tenuous in this changeable market and turbulent industry. The publishing industry as a whole is transitioning and contracting, and there are many uncertainties for those on the outside looking to get in. The 2015 Australian Book Expo was an excellent place for such people, as all supporters of the event were made welcome.

There are many challenges in the book publishing industry, and authors continue to find new and exciting paths that work for them. Self-publishers operate alongside the mainstream, which as it merges to form great torrents or fractures into creeks and tributaries, will become more like them in the end.

See you there next year!