Friday, May 1, 2015

My heartfelt sorrow for those in QLD who have lost loved ones in yesterdays ‪#‎qldfloods‬. I can hardly believe it. So much rain.

And we are so used to driving in the rain, and just giving it a go, deciding at each road whether to continue or not. We have to get home from work, pick up kids from daycare, whatever. Sure, don't drive through floodwaters, but it's a fine line in some cases, and hard to see. And in one case I heard on the radio a lady said she'd gone up the onramp to the highway and there was closures and flooding in every direction. Nowhere to go, and you can't go back down the onramp! So she felt she simply had to drive through some of the floodwater, which turned out to not be very high.

It's not a black and white issue of "Never drive through floodwaters". Common sense should be enough, but it's not that simple.